This is a list of all the Region One Shuttles of the Past, and


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Red Indicates Decommissioned       Yellow *  Indicates  Active Starfleet Chapter and Launch Date          Green Indicates  Transferred or Changed

Outpost Andoria
(Virginia Sector)
Outpost Canopus 3 (Ohio Sector)
Outpost Arianus
(North Carolina Sector)
U.S.S. El Dorado NCC-1720
Outpost Mantilles (Ohio Sector)
STARGATE (University of Akron Science Fiction Club)
USS Merrimac I or II ?? Virginia

USS Jamestown  Newport News, Virginia 

*USS Lagrange NCC 3916  Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio   Class: Lagrange Class Transport Ship     1981

*USS Alaric  NCC 503 Asheville North Carolina   Alaric Class     1981
*USS Heimdal NCC 1793  Madison Heights, Virginia   Galaxy Class     1984
*USS Maat NCC 1794A Virginia Beach, Virginia   Ambassador Class     1986
*USS Hornet NCC 1714D  Charlotte, North Carolina   Galaxy Class     1985
*USS Yeager  NCC 61893  Bluefield, West Virginia   Nebula Class     1985
*USS Bonaventure NCC 102A Greensboro, North Carolina   Emissary Class     1987
*USS Columbus  NCC 72401  Columbus, Ohio   Capitol Class     1988
*USS Renegade NCC 2547  Youngstown, Ohio   Prometheus class     1989
*USS Kitty Hawk II  NCC 1659  Raleigh, North Carolina    Class: Enterprise Heavy Cruiser (ST:TMP Version)      1989

*USS Star League NCC 2101  N. Augusta, South Carolina   Class: Federation Dreadnaught     1990
*USS Arizona NCC 71839  Canton, Ohio   Galaxy III Class Heavy Star Cruiser     1992
*USS Tycho NCC 59325  Fremont, Ohio   Oberth Class     1994
*SS 005  Nikola Tesla,  Murray, Kentucky   Tesla Class Space Station      1993
*USS Ronald McNair NCC 61809  Columbia, South Carolina   Nebula Class     1993
*USS Jurassic NCC 3500  Hamersville, Ohio   JURASSIC CLASS Exploratory Cruiser     1994
*USS Providence NCC 71796  Jackson, Tennessee   Gemini Class     1994     
* Bennu Station SFR 119 Gatlinburg, Tennessee   Class: Bennu Class Station      1993
*USS Ohio NCC 75007 Barberton, Ohio  Sovereign Class     1997
*USS Robins NCC 71838 North Agusta, SC Galaxy Class 2006
*USS Liberator, NCC 75008 Akron, Ohio    Sovereign Class     2002
*USS Appromattox, NCC 75001 Appomattox, Virginia   Sovereign Class Cruiser     2000
*USS Asgard, NCC 72402 Lancaster, Ohio   Capital Class     1998
*USS Indiana, NCC 79158 Indianapolis, Indiana   Capitol Class MKIV     2003
*USS Aries, NCC 71806  Johnson City, Tennessee   Sovereign Class      1998
*USS Commonwealth NCC-74670 Richmond, Kentucky    Intrepid Class     2008
*USS Endeavor, NCC-72709 Williamsburg, Virginia   Nova Class Scout      2008
*USS Virginia, NCC 71803 Waynesboro, Virginia   Galaxy Class Large Exploritory Cruiser      2008
*USS Revelation,  NCC 63551   Church Hill, Tennessee   Akari Class Battle Cruiser     2009
*USS Odin, NCC 1875 Jeffersonville, Indiana    Avenger-class Heavy Frigate      2008
*USS Columbia,  NCC 2049   Elizabethtown,  Ky    Excelsior Class Heavy Cruiser  2010

*USS Drakonia,  NCC 1657    Norfolk, VA    Constution Class Cruiser  2011

* USS Patomac  NCC 2051  Alexandria, Va.   Excelsior Class Heavy Cruiser     2011
* Space Station  Robert de Bruce  SFR  102   Clayton,  NC    2011
*USS  Charon   NCC 80111   High Point,  NC   Luna Class Exploritory Cruiser 2013
*USS Gallifrey  NCC 4744391  Wells Class Starship   Longs,  SC   2015

*USS  Liberty   NCC  75012      Sovereign Class Heavy Cruiser    Saint  Pauls  NC  2014
  Freedom    NCC  71817
Galacy Class Heavy Star Cruiser  Fayetteville   NC  2014
* Danali Station  R1
  SFR  107   Logan, Ohio  2016

*USS Excalibur  NCC 26517 S Ambassador Class      Stantonburg   2017
*USS White Eagle NCC 2302 Chandler Class Frigate Sneade Ferry 2017
*USS Gorkon NCC 40512 Excelsior Class Ingals IN 2016
*USS John Gill NCC 2047 Excelsior
Refit Class Roanoke Va 2017
*USS Yorktown NCC 1704 Constitution Class Kingsport TN 2017
*USS North Carolina NCC 97005 Odyssey Class Hickory, NC 2003
*USS Reprisal NCC 1896 Sovereign Class Church Hill Tn 2010
*USS Constellation NCC 71855 Sovereign Class KY.
*USS VULPINE NCC71810 Galaxy Class Ramsey 2018









USS Daybreak,  Mint Hill,  NC
USS Wasp Bristol, Virginia
USS Excalibur Magnolia, Ohio 
USS Constellation  II  Paducah, Kentucky
USS Polaris Fairfield, Ohio
USS Aquila   Verona, Kentucky
USS Camelot  Dayton, Ohio
USS Copernicus  NCC 71839/1 Marietta, Ohio
USS Sarpeidon Huntington, West Virginia
USS Pathfinder Roanoke, Virginia
USS Starward Fury Fayetteville, North Carolina
USS West Virginia   Charleston, West Virginia
USS Questar Louisville, Kentucky
USS Olympus Charleston, South Carolina
USS Appalachian Fall Branch, Tennessee
USS Tempest Charlottesville, Virginia
USS Nighthawk Richmond, Virginia
USS Columbia Wooster, Ohio
USS Hawkeye Winston-Salem, North Carolina
USS Imperial Star Cary, North Carolina
USS Stonewall Jackson Concord, North Carolina
USS Darkstar Asheboro, North Carolina
Shuttle White Eagle Midway Park, North Carolina
USS Best Destiny Lexington, Kentucky
USS Cu'Chulain Terre Haute, Indiana
USS Leconte Gatlinburg, Tennessee
USS Tristar Knoxville, Tennessee
USS Dilemma Harrisonburg, Virginia
USS Athena Reston, Virginia
USS Khitomer Evansville, Indiana
USS Rutledge Ladson, South Carolina
USS Shiloh Henderson, Tennessee (moved to R12 in 97)
USS Mark Twain Memphis, Tennessee
SS Lewis B. Puller Summerville, South Carolina
USS Phantom Pilot Mountain, North Carolina
USS Tempest Greenville, North Carolina
USS Athena  Oak Hill Va.
USS Dark Wolf  Kingsport, Tn.
ISS Deliverance   Louisville, Ky
USS Dominator  N. Charleston, SC
USS Dragons Fury  Fairmont  WV
USS Gallifrey  Elyria, Ohio
USS Independance  Hickory,  NC
USS Glory  Morgantown, WV
USS Pathfinder  Lima Ohio  from USS Tempest From USS Pathfinder VA
Shuttle Odins Fury   Virginia Beach, VA
USS NightStalker Richmond, Ky
USS Maelstron  Tyner, NC
USS Star League   Waynesboro, Ga
Shuttle Tiger  Hickory, NC
SS William D. Leafy  SFR 101    Ladson, SC
USS Yorktown  Catawba, SC
USS Aristarchus  Liberty NC
USS Celestial Dragon  Boone, NC
USS Chronos  Beckley, WV
USS Firefox  N. Myrtle Beach SC
Shuttle Elentari  Danville, VA
USS Idic  Alexandria, VA
USS Imladris  Lexington, KY
USS John B McKay  Christainsburg, VA
USS Olympus  Sumter, SC
Shuttle Essex   Columbus, Ohio area
USS Rebel  Linconton, NC
Shuttle Newberry Victory  Newberry, SC
Shuttle Imperial Star  Knightdale, NC
Shuttle Exeter  Murry, KY
Shuttle York  Rock Hill, SC
Shuttle Vangard  Collinsville, VA
USS Xanthii  Clinton, IN
Shuttle Highlander  East Ridge, TN
Shuttle Paladin  Morgantown, WV
USS Leif Ericson  Greenville, SC
USS Patriot  Collinsville, VA
Shuttle Bounty  Nashville, TN
USS Cape Fear  Winnabow, NC
USS Freedom  Ft. Bragg,  NC
USS Galactia   London, KY
USS Moonchaser  Columbus, Ohio
USS Wolf  Jamestown, Pa/Youngstown, Ohio
Shuttle Sekhmet   Millington, TN
Shuttle Banshee, Sevierville, TN
USS Pride of Scotland  Louisville, Ky
USS Endeavor,  Raleigh, NC.
Shuttle Lief Erickson
Shuttle Tardis
Shuttle Altrusia,  Bristol, VA

Suttle Schweitzer
USS Intrepid
USS Nathan James   Gray, TN
Shuttle Excelsior, Mt. Carmel,TN
Shuttle Daniel Boon  Blowing Rock, NC
Shuttle Hawkeye  Winston-Salem,  NC
USS Hornet , VA
USS Nebula   Cleveland,Ohio
USS Reprisal    Kingsport, Tennessee
USS Richmond  Covington, Virginia
USS Star Runner  Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina
SS Basilone    High Point  NC
USS Luna  Grove  City,  Ohio
USS Constellation,
  Paducah  Ky
USS Ganymede, Lynchburg, Virginia
USS Tang,   Liberty,  Ky.
USS Maquis, Gastonia,  NC
USS Dakota,   Gastonia,  NC
USS Roosevelt  Beckley, WV 
USS Vortex  Waynesboro,  Va.
USS SuycaMore Kokomo, IN
USS De Sade,  Burlington, Ky
USS Chicago   Dyer  Ind.
USS De Sade   Burlington, Ky 
USS Christine Hoagland   Fort Wayne,  IN
USS Dakota   Gastonia  NC
USS North Carolina, Asheville, North Carolina
USS Dominion,  Gastonia  NC
USS Peleliu In

USS Intrepid, Mansfield, Ohio
USS Chessepeak VA
USS Charleston   Charleston, South Carolina
USS Powhatan,  Chesapeak,  Va
USS Cumberland,   Va
USS Bellerophone  Whiteville  NC
USS Helen Pawlowski Whiteville  NC R7
USS Black Elk   Gatlin  TN R17
USS George Washington  Jacksonville  NC R15
USS Angstrom  Hillsville,  VA 
 USS Christine Hoagland Fort Wayne IN
USS Sangamon Durrham, NC
USS Panther  NCC 74922  Willmington,  NC  2015







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